Ready Rhino is a TUSC Block Producer Candidate

Lead by Rob and Kristie McNealy, Ready Rhino is proud to support the TUSC blockchain as a block producer. We are passionate about TUSC’s mission to support censorship resistant payments for retailers who struggle with traditional banking, and are committed to providing the resources necessary for secure and consistent block production as TUSC grows.


About Ready Rhino

One of the features that sets Ready Rhino apart from other TUSC block producer candidates is our founders’ demonstrated, long term commitment to the TUSC community and the success of the project. As two of the leaders behind the conceptualization of TUSC, we are strongly committed to the long term successful and secure operation of the blockchain.

Dedicated Supporters

The Ready Rhino team has shown their dedication to TUSC through two years of active support of the project and community.


Rob and Kristie have been responsive to community needs and priorities, assisting members with the TUSC swap and general crypto education.

Security Focused

Ready Rhino is dedicated to the security of the network and will ensure their server is secure and powerful enough to support the growing TUSC blockchain.


The Ready Rhino Team

Ready Rhino is operated by two of the original co-founders of TUSC. They are experienced entrepreneurs and that have been with TUSC since the very beginning of the project. They were instrumental in developing TUSC and are passionate about growing TUSC in to a world class concurrency.


Rob McNealy, MBA



Kristie McNealy, MD



Contact Ready Rhino

If you have questions or concerns, fill out the form and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.  You can also find us almost 24 hours per day on the TUSC Telegram Channel, which is the fastest way to have your question answered.